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Case Study: Tanja's Settlement & Moving In Experience

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We initially met with Tanja to discuss her decision to buy an apartment off the plan in BGC Development’s Tribeca South project in The Springs, Rivervale in 2014. Fast forward to July 2016 and Tanja has now moved into her new apartment and is enjoying everything Tribeca South has to offer. We caught up with Tanja again to see how the experience has been and hear why she is now a huge advocate for apartment living.


Did your apartment meet your expectations from buying off-the-plan?

The apartment met my expectation and exceeded them in some areas. I was particularly impressed by the size and openness of my apartment, considering that it is a one bedroom apartment.

What is the best thing about your new apartment?

My ‘wood-like’ tile floors :) - but hard to pick just one thing – I really like the layout of the apartment and how much natural light comes through. I love the high ceilings that really make the apartment feel like a home over a very small living space that I have seen in other apartments. The bedroom is also a favourite area of mine – it is large, spacious and well designed.

Did you experience any issues moving into your apartment?

I had no major issues moving into the apartment, everything fit in well and the move was quiet straight forward.  

Was there anything you weren’t expecting?

The Samsung electronic swipe door handles definitely, they are very fancy and fun. Have made an impression on family and friends visiting the apartment, in addition the common areas, the gym facilities are brilliant.

Did all of your furniture fit in/is there enough storage for everything?

Furniture wise everything fit in great – I was blown away with the amount of space I have in the bedroom, bathroom and the living/dining area. Storage wise, there has been some challenges within the kitchen – but I think it a matter of getting used to apartment living when it comes to some storage elements.

What was your pre-settlement inspection experience like? What happened during this process?

The inspection experience was brilliant – the IPAD technology used was easy and time efficient. Aimee who lead the inspection was very helpful and confident with the process. I was pleased to be able to sign off on the report then and there and have it emailed to myself immediately with all the descriptions and images provided within the report.

During the inspection I was lead around the apartment and encouraged to inspect all elements of the property to ensure I tested and checked all areas.

Was your finance application difficult?

Personally, I found the finance process a little stressful as this was the first time that I went through the process, therefore I didn’t know what to expect. But I think the key is finding a great mortgage broker and ensuring they provide you with a clear picture with what to do and how to prepare etc. The finance process in itself is very straight forward as the broker represents you (at no cost which is great!) and does all the hard work in the background on your behalf. My personal finance application went well, all in all, as I was well prepared for the process and made the required preparation to ensure I can complete the process successfully.

How did you find the settlement process?

The settlement process was great – the particular settlement agent I engaged with was fantastic and made the process clear, easy and quick.

What did you receive at settlement?

At the formal key handover I received a Tribeca South box with all the required keys and information. I was provided with an overview of all relevant contacts, a USB with all the required paperwork for the property and a quick brief on the keys and what each was for. In addition I was given a gift from BGC Development, a Jamie Oliver cooking package – a great gift :)

Have you met any of your neighbours yet?

I have bumped into a few along the way as people slowly start to move in – but not too many. For an apartment that has so many apartments, it is incredibly quiet. I think as the warmer weather comes around there will be more of us sitting by the pool and getting to know each other.  

How are you finding the location and living in an apartment building?

The location has been amazing – considering I work in the city it now takes me about 7-10min to get to and from work, which is so amazing!! I have been able to gain so much time back just in travelling to and from work. The proximity to some of my regular shopping and going out areas has been incredible, 5 min to Mt Lawley, 10 minutes to Subiaco and Leederville …. It has been brilliant!!

I have even surprised myself in how much I like apartment living – it feels safe and secure, easy to maintain and lock up and go! I love having access to the common areas, in particular the gym and pool.

What are the common areas like?

Brilliant – so far I have utilised the gym facilities and they have been brilliant – great equipment, clean and organised!! I am looking forward to using the pool and BBQ area as the sun comes out :)

Describe your experience with BGC Development from the initial purchase through to settlement? 

Overall the experience has been great, the team at BGC Development have been very helpful from the get go. The option of buying the white good package was brilliant – the gear was all delivered upon moving in and this saved me a lot of time over trying to buy each of those individual appliances separately. The quality of the finish is really evident in the apartment – this was important to me as this was the reason I choose to build through BGC Development over some of the other companies.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering their own apartment now that you have moved in?

Since moving in I am a huge advocate for apartment buying/living, I have encouraged many of my friends to explore it and consider buying an apartment. My biggest advice is to do your research, look at the smaller details (choice of material, plan designs, appliances) as these have a huge impact on the overall feel and quality of your apartment.


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