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Case study: Tanja’s experience buying an apartment with BGC Development


We met with Tanja to discuss her decision to buy an apartment in BGC Development’s Tribeca South project in The Springs, Rivervale. Tanja is a 28 year old Learning and Development Specialist, with a busy career in the Perth CBD. We were curious about the research she did that gave her the confidence to buy her first apartment off the plan in 2014.

Where are you living now and what were you looking for in your next home, Tanja?

Where I live now would be described as well into the suburbs! I was looking for a home that’s able to support a new lifestyle, somewhere central and near the city. I wanted something that was obviously appealing to my lifestyle, but something that was a long term investment as well. 

What sort of things where you attracted to?

I wanted to invest my money into something fresh, new and appealing to a young person. And obviously price was something that I needed to address and make sure that it’s something that was achievable for me, but still nice!

What where your thoughts on apartment living?

There’s obviously pros and cons both ways, but in the end I thought ‘it’s just me’. From a safety perspective I feel like it’s a more secure environment.

And I just like the idea of apartment lifestyle as well!  I had in mind “Tribeca, New York”, a really cool apartment. It’s also practical, small, and easy to maintain, but still big enough to have the necessities there. 

Something I didn’t expect for my first home is having a pool and gym, and my new apartment has both of those things!

Did you consider living in a house instead of an apartment?

I did weigh up the house option and I found that a bit daunting.  I'm like, “What am I gonna do with a four by two at this point?”  So when weighing up the two options, the apartment, thinking practically seemed a lot more appealing and from an investment perspective, it also seemed easier to maintain. 

Also, I hope in the future I’ll be able to move on to a bigger home and keep my apartment as an investment property. I was looking at thekind of target market if I were to place the property up for rent and I think it’s the type of property that will appeal to young students and something that they can easily move in to.  So it seemed to tick the boxes.

What are you looking forward to in your new apartment?

It’s going to be fantastic to have the practicality of being able to get to the city, Mount Lawley and other inner city destinations with ease. The Crown entertainment complex is very close, with some great night life options. The new Perth Stadium is also in the vicinity as well and I’ll be able to walk to the footy with my friends and the new Aloft Hotel Perth is being built on my doorstep. So I think it’s going to be an area with a really fresh kind of young feel to it. That’s the kind of lifestyle I am looking for! I’m really excited to be moving in soon.

So tell us, what is your new apartment like?

I’ve bought a pool side apartment on the ground floor. I’m facing the pool, which is actually interesting because whenever I thought I’d buy an apartment, I always thought I’d go really high up. But in the information that was provided to me, the poolside really appealed a lot with the courtyard design. It’s a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.

What did you think about the style of the apartments?

I think what kind of impressed me was BGC’s commitment to doing that little bit extra in the quality of the development. I’ve gone through a number of apartments and they’re using quite cheap materials compared to BGC. When I think long term, BGC’s apartments are going to last a lot longer and be better quality as well.  So I think that’s what appealed to me and also just the design as well. I really like the kind of modern, sleek, simple approach as well.  It wasn’t over the top, so it was something that I think won’t lose its appeal.

What sort of research did you do?

I did a bit of research in The Springs area in Rivervale. I knew that BGC Development is actually building an Aloft Hotel there and there are other apartment blocks being built, so it’s a growing area.

I really mapped out the developments within the area. With the train station nearby and the new Perth Stadium, it just really seemed like it was the area to really buy at this point. Rivervale is kind of a fresh area.

Did you have any negative advice from family or friends?

Some people said to me, “Don’t get an apartment. It’s too small. Strata fees”. But I’ve had the experience of strata fees in my current rental home, and I like the idea of strata services because maintenance and landscaping is all done for you. It’s not something that I’d need to worry about myself.

What helped you make your decision?

I’m very visual, so the display suite was fantastic. In fact, they had real displays of the bathroom and kitchen so I could touch and see exactly what I was getting.

Did having BGC Development as both the Developer and Builder affect your decision?

I looked at other apartments and I was surprised that often the Developer isn’t the same as the Builder. That was an issue for me, to tell you the truth. I think having the one common party to deal with across the whole process is a lot easier than having a different builder to different management. With a common party I think there’s accountability as well. If things go wrong, it’s their own employees. It gave me a sense of confidence that the development was going to go ahead and to a really good standard.

What’s it been like dealing with BGC Development?

They constantly send us updates with how the construction is developing and it’s pretty exciting to see. The process so far has been smooth with no issues.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering their own apartment?

I think key is do your research to make sure that it is suitable for you and your lifestyle. I think that’s really important. And really get an in-depth understanding of the development, how it’s going to be done, what materials they’re utilising in the construction, all of those things.

Me being a first time buyer, I didn’t really know what I should be asking for and a lot of the conversations that I had led me to go, “Oh, right. I didn’t actually think of that. So, can you tell me a little bit more?” The guys at the display suite were really quite clear and visible in how the development is going to look and how it’s going to be constructed, which I probably, personally wouldn’t have thought of asking myself had I not had that knowledge given to me. So asking lots of questions of the guys in the display suite would be my tip!


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